Why this  blog?

Well, why not?  Friend and loved ones say I can tell stories well.  They can be funny sometimes, compelling, and probably boring.  Maybe all three at once. I don’t want to be an expert in my subject(s).   And I don’t want it to be too busy.  I’m not going to write every day. (I’m amused that, while I use Twitter or Facebook very sporadically, virtually hundreds of people are following me. (well, no. not really))

I think I’m a fairly organized person – still living by the old Boy Scout motto of “be prepared”.  That stands me in good stead now, as various complications impel me to be as organized as possible

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995.  Since then, the disease has worsened to the point that I use forearm crutches to move about.  I often use a wheelchair.  I said this blog wasn’t going to be about one thing.  However, I have several writings that discuss MS, so I’m going to – at least initially – leverage off of them until I find  my voice. 



5 Responses to Home

  1. Greggy M says:

    Tell everyone the story about the Texas Ranger, Dave!

  2. It’s interesting to overhear snippets of a conversation, and the images they conjure:

    1) Elevator at work. Young woman, on cell phone, “Well, I can’t go in late July, beause Courtney’s bachelorette party is on the Vineyard..”
    2) At the info booth in the Port Authorty Bus Terminal:
    “Can you tell me how to find the Lost and Found?”
    3) While waiting for my “peppers and sausage” (see usable movie quotes entry above), at the truck on 47th st. One construction worker to another Yeah, so I go outside the mornin’, and the fuckin’ bears, runnnin’ across the year, like a fuckin’ herd a deers….”

  3. Your blog title drew me here – guess great ms minds think alike.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave; happy Easter!!

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